The year is 1182 and an unusual though tenuous peace exists in Rokugan. Otosan Uchi has been cleansed of it’s taint and rebuilt, Iweko Kitsuki II is Empress, and the Shadowlands have remained quiet for a number of years. All is not as it seems, as tensions between the Lion and Phoenix, a strange withdrawal from many courts by the Mantis and the Dragon, and border skirmishes between the Crane and the Unicorn speak to unseen struggles for power that give lie to perception of civility and calm. It is in this era, as late summer descends upon the land, that four unlikely companions arrive at Renga Murai, the future unknowable, their paths destined to intertwine, their fates written in Cobalt and Steel…

Welcome to our L5R Cobalt & Steel Campaign page

This is our new campaign page site. I know there are a lot of things going on in the campaign right now and this is a great way to get a lot of the information in an easily-reachable place so that if you have questions about a particular item or location or NPC that you’ve met, you can find out general information here.

I’ll have your characters up here in a minute, but only their basic information and what not. Your stats will most likely stay meatspace because, well, every character has their own secrets, don’t they?

Likewise with specific information about NPC’s that only specific characters might know (no spoilers!). I’ll also be updating this with The Story So Far journal-style pages as events warrant. I might even be able to get a general calendar up so that you all know what kinds of festivals and holy days are coming up in what areas of Rokugan so that you may act accordingly.

If you all feel like the site is a waste, I won’t bother with it, but this seems like a great way to keep a lot of wide-ranging information in one place.

Check it Out!

Legend of the Five Rings - Cobalt and Steel

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