Isawa Sakura

The hot-tempered Phoenix Shugneja that would rather burn first and ask questions later. Shiba Kazu was assigned to her as her Yojimbo.


Isawa Sakura is a Phoenix Shugenja investigating the recent rise of hostilities between the Lion and Phoenix clans. She has been assigned Shiba Kazu as her yojimbo and they continue to investigate the strange causes of tension between the two great clans that see them on the brink of open war.

With a powerful control over the kami of fire, Sakura is a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield, her hot temper as useful to power her spell-craft as it his detrimental the rest of her life.


First Impressions

The first thing anyone notices about Isawa Sakura, aside from the perpetual snarl that twists her mouth, is her eyes. They are a milky white with no pupil. Isawa Sakura SHOULD be blind, yet she can see as clearly as any well-visioned samurai. She has even hinted at being able to see deeper than most, though she has never elaborated. Either way, her unblinking stare is enough to unnerve even the most stout-hearted bushi. Around her face, is a mane of wild, brown hair with reddish streaks. She would possibly be considered pretty, if not for her demeanor, which can seem cold at the best of times, and downright hostile if annoyed in the slightest of manners.

Known Goals

  • Clear the name of the Phoenix as regards to the theft of wood in/near the Village of Stone.
  • Discover the source of the tensions between Phoenix and Lion clans.
  • Learn more about the origin, power, and extent of the mind-controlling Maho that has been seen.

Background and History

Isawa Sakura does not talk much about her past, though what she has revealed as shone some light on her personality and actions. She is on her third yojimbo, her first two leaving the position in a variety of mental and physical states. She has implied their inability to properly protect her led to their eventual dismissal, though she is too smug in the retelling of this tale for that to be the whole truth of the matter. Her master’s master, one Isawa Fukuro, left the Phoenix lands some 10 years ago, only to show up, wrecking havoc on a small lion logging outpost. He was cut down by Shiba Kazu and is now believed to have been involved in some sort of Maho mind control, possibly the newest and most frightening weapon the Shadowlands has brought to bear against the Great Clans yet.

Isawa Sakura

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