Sosa the Ronin

A well-seasoned warrior with the heart of a scout, Sosa is the retainer and bodyguard of the courtier, Yasuki Eeichi.


Sosa is a ronin warrior/scout who has been under the employ of the Crab clan for a number of years. Sosa was assigned to the courtier Yasuki Eeichi as his retainer and bodyguard for his trek out of the Crab lands as he investigates the lost iron shipments.

Armed with his katana ‘Midnight Owl’, a yumi, and an ability to sniff out ambush whenever it comes near, Sosa is ready to defend the party in general, Eiichi specifically, and the Crab clan’s goals overall.


First Impressions

A strong jaw, steel-grey eyes, long-unkempt hair, and a thick, corded muscles along his arms and back frame a mouth like a scar. Sosa appears more wolf than man at times, his posture slightly slumped forward as if the momentum of his life pushed at his shoulders. He can be intimidating through sheer physical force of presence alone, though he knows his place as ronin well. He will almost never look a samurai in the eye, and keeps his gruff voice low and respectful at all times. His well-worn armor seems pieced together from a bunch of different styles and shapes, and the thick kimono/overcloak he wears has seen better days to be sure.

Known Goals

  • Protect Yasuki Eeichi as he searches for the lost iron shipment
  • Discover the culprit’s behind probable theft of the iron ore

Background and History

Not much is known about Sosa. He has never offered a family name, though that is not uncommon with many ronin. He’s worked with the Crab clan for a number of years and they seem to appreciate his ability and skill, assigning him to duties that might fall to lower ranked samural instead of just throwing him on the wall. He clearly has experience as both a warrior and a tracker, most likely learned working with the Crab.

Sosa the Ronin

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