Ninkatoshi (Permission City)

Permission City was once a farming village, but since the Clan War it was transformed into a military outpost for battles with the Crane. Even in times of peace the Lion maintained a strong military presence here. It was considered an honor to receive this appointment, and only the most skilled officers and valiant bushi were considered to be stationed here.

With Toshi Ranbo the capital of the empire, and Otoson Uchi steadily climbing back into importance and glory, the Lion have been flush with both honor, glory, and riches, all wisely spent. To this end, Ninkatoshi is now a fortress of considerable size and defenders, harboring the clan-famous Forges of Ninkatoshi which churn out fine katana of nearly Kaiu quality.

Currently, the city is one of the staging areas for the large armies gathering to possibly wage war against the Phoenix clan.

Current Head: Ikoma Akane, Lion Magistrate

Ninkatoshi (Permission City)

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