Renga Murai (Brick Village)


Renga Murai, also known as Brick Village, is completely constructed from stone and bricks from the grandest house of the provincial governor, to the humblest shed of the poorest peasant. Established to harvest lumber from the large forest to the north, the great forested area provides the Lion clan with a large source of precious wood and bamboo (the bamboo groves begin on the northwestern section of the forest) which it uses for construction and trade.

Almost all the homes are limited to one story due to the basis of their construction; only the Governor’s home is two stories tall and situated in the middle of the city next to a grand open square with several tall stone pillars set into a stone shod courtyard. A large watchtower borders the edge of the forest where lookouts can see the three logging camps deeper within the wood.


  • Current Governor – n/a
  • Trade:
    • Wood
    • Bamboo
    • Charcoal
    • Ink

Renga Murai (Brick Village)

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