Akodo Nakamuro

A young bright eyed samurai , looking to make good for his family name.


This young samurai is starting to see the complexity of life. Born of new samurai stock, his family didnt have the tools to teach him the subtle ways of the world and of court. The one thing that was drilled into him was the Bushido code and duty to clan and family. This young lion is starting to ROAR!
Armed with a new and mysterious blade, forged from the fires of Ninkatoshi and the guidance of the Kami,bloodied upon the deceitful eyes of Kakita Mironi, he will right a few wrong in Rokugon this day!


Grandfather and start of the Clan, blacksmith Kanjiro made a armor for the lion of exceptional quality and of a strange metal that allowed the Bushi to take down a fire breathing Oni! Thus gaining his clan a title and entry into the samurai cast. He became the honorable Akodo Kanjiro and the head of our clan.
My father Ikoma Toko and mother Mika setup and run the family estates and keep all records and finances in order. I am the first true samurai that has emerged. Quick in thought and filled with a desire to do the family name proud, I am on the path of the warrior, but I long for the days I get to work the forges!
I have two brothers Jiro (18) and Tashiro (17), both to go into the service of the samurai. My two sisters are also to go into service. They are Tara(16) and Ume(14).

Akodo Nakamuro

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